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Grace W.
I needed a light switch replacement for my kitchen 'can' lights.

Called All City Electric and spoke with Jody.

Even though this was such a small job, Jody did not hesitate to help me with my problem.
He came out immediately when he was on the way elsewhere....and did a very fast switch replacement..
I am going to need overhead lights installed in the future and you can be sure that I will call All City electric for the job.!!! Thank you for your extra effort in helping me.

Grace W.
Michelle C.
Called All City Electric for a possible fuse box issue. They called me right back and Eric scheduled time with me. Came out, right on time (actually a little early) and took care of my issue within an hour. I wish I would have called them earlier. They rock!
David L.
Quick and easy to deal with for pendant light replacement. Cheapest quote after calling around 5 places in orange county.
Chris D.
Jody is an excellent electrician that does really good work at a fair price. Fast, friendly and efficient. Would recommend him to others.
Chris R.
Jody was able to accommodate my last minute schedule request, diagnose and repair quickly and even took off his shoes when he came in the house! Good guy, good service, fair price, highly recommended!
Theresa S.
Called Jody in the morning and he was at my house in the early afternoon at the time he stated. He repair some kitchen electrical outlets that stopped working. He diagnosed the problem back to the outside breaker box where a wire was loose. He was great in explaining the problem and solving it. I'm always a little interested in how things work! You can tell he enjoys his work through his professionalism. He also gave me a price to install some additional can lights which was quite reasonable. Glad I called him and would not hesitate to use All City Electric again.
Matthew S.
A great group of guys. They will cater to your needs especially if you have a busy schedule. Never a problem reaching Jody if there is a problem and always helpful if there is anything you need.
His team works fast and efficient.
Joan A.
Jody is now MY electrician! I had a serious incident where my alarm was going off by itself and me and my cat were going to be deaf soon. All kidding aside, Jody came out and had the problem fixed quickly. I called 26 other companies and most of them said we don't do that kind of work or we can't come out until three days from now. Jody not only came out in two hours and fixed the problem even though he was very busy, he saw the urgency of my problem. That is what this world needs more of! Thank you so much Jody!!! And very reasonable and fair in the pricing!
Benjamin Y.
Eric did a very nice job in upgrading electrical wiring and GFI outlets up to code. He was reliable, quick, and courteous. I highly recommend him for an electrician.
E H.
Eric was awesome! We were having outlet issues in the kitchen that needed to be fixed asap. He was kind enough to came by next morning (on a Saturday) and had the problem fixed within 20 minutes. Super nice, quick and efficient. Will definitely call Eric for all my electrical needs. Thank you again, Eric!!!
Joshua H.
I had a test block go out on a commercial property. I called a couple electricians and they either had no idea or were too busy. Thankfully I got a hold of All City Electric. He knew exactly what to do and since he understood it was an emergency made time to help me out of his busy schedule to fix it as soon as possible. He did a great job and was very professional with the work he did. Highly recommended.
Lori C.
Called All City to come out and fix a breaker we thought went bad. It was late in the evening, so he quoted us a price for that evening, as well as if he came out tomorrow morning. Then he said he thought we weren't flipping the breakers "hard enough". Couple that with the fact that it sounded like he was at a party (or a bar!), and it was enough to make me roll my eyes, say thanks, hang up and consider him a tool. Finally I thought to myself, "Eh, I'll give it another try and flip 'em harder." SUCCESS!! Thank you, All City man, for some seriously sage advice, as well as taking time out of your Friday to talk with me. I'll be calling All City for all my electric needs from now on!!
Trevor J.
Showed up on time and completed my EV charger hookup. Great Work! Will be using them for other items around the home.
Steve P.
Jody took care of me when he said he would. Charged me exactly what he quoted. And kept his word. Imagine a professional electrician with integrity. I am a big believer in supporting your local businesses and even if I lived somewhere else I'd be calling Jody. I will be getting additional work done on my home with All City Electric.
Gina P.
All City was great! Jody ran 220 in my garage and hooked up an Electric vehicle charger. The work turned out clean and the price was extremely Fair.
I called All City on a Sunday for a somewhat quick emergency and Jody picked right up and fixed my problem within an hour.
I would definitely recommend All City Electric!
Jay J.
Called All City Electric for a possible fuse box issue. They called me right back and Eric scheduled time with me. Came out, right on time (actually a little early) and took care of my issue within an hour. I wish I would have called them earlier. They rock!
Christina C.
Excellent customer service, great response time, great pricing. I will definitely use them again. After calling several electricians to install an electrial outlet I was very frustrated by the ridiculous estimates ($800?!) and/or flakiness of other companies. All City Electric was on time, great price and just overall great customer service!
Brian C.
I want to thank Jody for the swift response to my estimate request. I want to say he answered all the questions I had and gave me some pointers on things I didn't think about. I was surprised at the way he worked with me on the estimates and was pleased in the excellent job he performed on the upgrade. Kudos All City Electric on a job well done. I would not hesitate in calling them again. I would recommend to hiring them if you need electrical work done. Again Thank You
Michael S.
Had an emergency in the house after hours (half the plug outlets wouldn't work) and I looked up this company via yelp. Spoke to jody on the phone (owner) and he basically guaranteed me they would fix the job for xx price, if they couldn't I wouldn't get charged. He sent his son out and everything was fixed pretty fast.

would use again.
Matthew I.
All fixed! Another cnc hooked up successfully.
Jonathan B.
My dad needed to put up 6 can lights and 2 fans in my house so we called all city electric. They are one of the many electricians in the area but there work proves they are the best in the area!!!

They were friendly, fast, and very professional. They knew what they were doing and gave us a free estimate.

Included in the job they did free wiring, installed the lights, rewired the switches to my dad's convenience, and gave us a 4 way switch.

I thank Chris, Andrew, and Jodi for giving us great service. I recommend that everyone uses and calls All Service Electric. I definitely will be calling them back for all my future work!!! Thank you again!!!
Linda T.
I was in a panic. I came home from work around 5 PM and one of my dogs couldn't get in to the garage fast enough. He is undergoing chemotherapy so my first thought was he's really sick. But, when I figured out he was scared, not sick, I entered the house and I finally heard what was bothering him - a high pitched chirp. I removed every battery in my smoke detectors - I have 8 but still heard a high pitched chirp. I finally decided either the sound was coming from a ceiling fan or a bathroom fan in the attic. I immediately went on to yelp and called - I saw they have 24 hour service. The man in the phone was very calm and helped me trouble shoot. He said the sound normally means low battery. I told him about yanking out all the smoke detector batteries. He asked a few more questions about what it could be and I kept telling him no - it was the ceiling fan. So he told me someone would call me back in 15 minutes and arrive within a half hour. After hanging up the phone I went back in to the room and saw the carbon monoxide detector - I had totally forgotten about it. I called right back with apologies for my stupidity - he was so nice and said no problem. I will definitely call these guys again when I need electrical work - so nice, courteous and prompt. And most importantly, he tried to figure out my problem without having to come out. Thank you!!
Greg E.
These guys are great! Always on call and very honest with fair pricing. I called helped me over the phone with a wiring problem, I highly recommend them!
John C.
Feb 22, 2015 power surge in my house. The surge knocked off many inline equipment. I could not reset many breakers .In a state of panic and not knowing about electric problems, I called All City Electric, for the first time. Jody, the owner responded immediately to my call. He systematically evaluated the problem throughout the house. Jody demonstrated outstanding knowledge, and provided excellent and professional service. Jody had everything back working properly in a very short time and recommended and installed Power surge protection for the whole house. I highly recommend All City Electric for any electrical problems. I am very satisfied with his services and reasonable charges. I am lucky to find an electrician that I can trust with any future electric repair.
Brian M.
Came out within an hour, even late on a sat night. Found the issue within 5 min. Friendly, and on time. Awesome.......
Robert B.
These guys answered the phone, were friendly and got someone out within an hour of the call. Even allowed us to invoice for the bill (most are asking for a credit card up front these days). Couldn't have asked for more. Good old fashioned customer service is so rare. These guys provide it!
Danielle B.
Came out immediately which was great and sent a friendly electrician. Told me we needed a new GFCI outlet. Left for 1/2 hour to get a part which I would assume most electricians would have on their truck and then proceeded to charge me $200! Totally ridiculous!
Carolyn N.
Excellent service, called early morning and someone came out within an hour and fixed the problem. I would use them again. Thank you.
Joshua J.
We needed a lot of electrical work done for our new 3,000 sq. ft. studio including: pulling down lighting fixtures from a 20 ft. high ceiling, demolishing a bunch of old low voltage electrical conduits, and installing 20 hanging pendant lights (all of which needed to be leveled).

We invited three electrical companies to make bids. Jody got back to us right away and was the first one on the spot. Whereas the other companies refused to give even ballpark estimates, Jody was able to quote the job on the spot and did it for a quarter of the highest of the bids from other companies. He and his two sons, Andrew and Chris got the job done on the very same day and even went above and beyond what was originally discussed.

One thing that was important for us was that all electrical work was to city code with which Jody was extremely familiar and helpful.

We were hugely impressed!
Jon R.
I recently moved to Huntington Beach from Walnut, CA. Upon moving into my new place, I quickly observed a plethora of loosely connected garage wires, ancient light switches, and powerless wall sockets. Frustrated, I turned to the almighty Yelp to search "Electricians" in the area. Based on All City Electric's positive reviews and professionally-designed company website, I decided to call All City Electric for a consultation. To my great surprise, Jody not only arrived ready to consult, but he fixed EVERYTHING. In fact, he hopped in his truck, drove down Warner to Home Depot, purchased a brand new light fixture, and fancied up my garage beyond my expectations. I tell you no lie... a few days before, a garage "make over" company quoted me at $1,500 to rewire and position my garage lights. Meanwhile, Jody completed all of my garage and indoor work for $125! I was so pleased with his work, that I emailed him the next day to inquire about adding an additional doorbell to my patio gate. Jody could have easily arrived at my house, fiddled with a few wires, and charged me again; but instead, he recommended that I go to Home Depot and buy a wireless doorbell for a couple of buck to accomplish what I was going for. Indeed, that was all I needed! Jody's a great dude and does fast, clean, professional work. I absolutely intend to work with All City Electric for as long as I live in Huntington Beach and Orange County.

P.S. In no way, shape, or form was I paid or prompted to write such a glorious review. I stand by my word and grant you all permission to back-hand slap me off of my bike if you experience poor service and just so happen to catch me peddling along PCH.

Jennifer G.
Power went out, breakers wouldn't reset. Happened on a Sunday afternoon. Jody happened to be near my house, he came over within ten minutes. Had everything back to working in twenty minutes. Very nice, really apprecaite the prompt response and getting my power on. Will keep him on file and definietly use his services again when needed!
George M.
My rental needed immediate electrical attention before the coming rain storms. I received a quote within 4 hours that would eliminate the problem & upgrade the grounding to code before the coming storm. Within a day the work was performed & my tenants and I are very satisfied. I liked the fact that there was very little disruption of electrical service to my tenants. This was definitely a win situation for all of us!
Jeff G.
All City Electric was wonderful. I had a broken main breaker coming into the house. The breaker broke on Sunday. One phone call and all City Electric came out within 20 minutes fixed it and were on their way. I have electricity again. Thanks Thomas Edison and thanks all City Electric.
Tom K.
I had an emergency and lost power to my refrigerator. I called City Electric because they were the only ones open (what, no one has problems in Huntington Beach after 6pm?!?!?!). They walked me through resetting the breaker after I had already tried. Doing what he recommended solved the problem. He saved me a service call. That tells me that they are trustworthy. They will now be my my electrical company.
Anthony S.
This place is awesome. I needed some lights, a switch, and an outlet in my new bedroom. So I called all city electric and talked to Jody (the owner) and he was very friendly and gave me a good price. He was over within the hour and did a great job. If you ever need any electrical work done be sure to call all city electric. I definately will call again if I need any work.
Melissa K.
Well Jody and Andrew saves the day again! Unfortunately when you own an older home things don't last forever but thankfully All Electric has been there to get things working again. We called they came out and had to do some trouble shooting but had my lights back on in less than an hour. Thanks again!
Jon D.
Had the power go down at my house. I found All City Electric through Craigslist, which lead to their website. I gave them a call and the owner Jody showed up at my place within an hour. He was able to find the issue, made the fix and had my power back in no time. I made sure to save his number for the next time something goes wrong. Would definitely recommend All City Electric to anyone in need of an electrician. Really cool guy and charged a very fair price.
Kevin B.
Called them for a job I needed, and they were able to come out a couple of hours later. They worked fast and they were professional and friendly. Plus their prices are great. Couldn't be happier.
Y M.
Jody answered my call and show up for an estimate the same day. Jody was honest and recommended only what was necessary. Afterward, he installed an outlet outside of the garage. The work was quality and price right! I am happy and would recommend All City Electric my friends and family.
Melissa W.
We called All City Electric on a Sunday afternoon panicked with no electricity. Jody showed up a few hours later and fixed the problem within a few minutes and for a fair price. We will definitely call All City Electric again if needed and recommend them to everyone. Thank you!
Shannon P.
Had a great experience with All City Electric! Super friendly, fast, and honest! I would highly recommend! Glad I found them!!!!
Melanie F.
Picture this. It's late on a FRIDAY NIGHT 10 days before Christmas. I go to plug in my outdoor decorations and poof, crackle, @#%! No lights, no TV, NO COMPUTER. My neighbor had used All City and Yelp reviews were excellent so I called. It was 9:30PM on FRIDAY NIGHT and they were at my house before 11AM on SATURDAY morning. Everything was replaced/fixed in a couple of hours and I was really happy with the promptness, the capability, the friendliness and professionalism. The price was reasonable too. I also applaud the family apprenticeship at All City. Don't hesitate to call them.
Rick C.
Great job!!!!! I called today to have a light fixture looked at after it began to flicker and make some noises. I don't mess around with electricity. Jody showed up within an hour and fixed the light. He even went to the store to pick up a new fixture for me since I had a realtor over. Very professional and great service!!! I definitely recommend "All City Electric" Thank you again!!!!
dave t.
I have been in the process of adding a bath, remodeling another bath as well as a kitchen, in addition to rer-routing existing electrical so I have been dealing with a number of contractors. Jody is at the top of all of the folks I have dealt with and of all of the trades I have dealt with the electricians have been the most difficult to deal with for some reason. Jody was the exception, he was very easy to deal with,and he was also very professional. Jody is quite simply the best. It is for this reason that I highly recommend Jody to anyone in need of a licensed electrical contractor.
Melissa T.
We purchased a Jacuzzi for our back yard . We needed to upgrade the panel and wire the outlets for 220. All City Electric came did all the upgrading, the day after I called. I was extremely impressed with the courtesy of them and the promptness. I called them back about a year later to help with some outside lighting . Good results again. Still enjoying our jacuzzi!
Amir H.
Great service and very professional. I had a small job of adding an outlet to the corner of the storage room in my office. When I called Jody, he didn't turn the job down. He showed up in my office within a few hours on a Saturday afternoon and did a great job adding the outlets and rewiring the storage area to meet the power requirements. I learned that he's been an electrician for over 25 years and has been in charge of both commercial and residential large projects. I'll definitely call Jody for any electrical work in my office or residence in future.